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Finding Fatimah Film Tour 13/4/2017

Be one of the first to see the brand new Muslim movie, Finding Fatimah. Penny Appeal is proud to be hosting the premiere of this not-so-typical romantic comedy.

How To Lead A Happy Life

Sharing Stories Project

Female Participants Wanted for Sharing Stories project.

Do you wear a headscarf, hijab, turban or other headcovering? Or perhaps you've decided not to?

Volunteers Evening

Advice please Christian women with baby to Muslim man

Hello I'm wanting some advice please , so I was in a long relationship 2 years with a Muslim man , can I add I knew he was a Muslim but he did not practice whilst was with me , I knew nothing about Islam or his culture at this time , and he assured me his family was none religious, so I didn't see any problem, until I fell pregnant

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