Redemption: Da'wah Film in Glasgow

'Redemption' is a character-driven da'wah film that explores friendship, sanity, faith and how they clash during one's search for identity.

Being shot in HD, Redemption is a film that aspires for a unique visual style and high production values. Making use of the director's CG background to its advantage, and a deep story-line with strong characters, redemption is ultimately an art film, with due emphasis on art and aesthetics. Visit the website at:

This is a an opportunity for the young Muslims to
participate in a global dawah effort as well as a sadqah jairyah. A
movie, once made, has a long life and is watched over by millions
through DVDs long after its theatrical release. Its a powerful way to
utilize the blessed month of Ramadhan in an ibadah that will leave a long-term

After having most of our crew rounded up, we are now casting. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Sajid at

The film is being entirely self-sponsored, so although there are no salaries, all expenses will be paid, and all involved will be credited, and provided a DVD copy of the film.

Shooting is expected to begin in early October and run for about two months, mostly through weekends.

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