flat share


I will be working in Glasgow for about a year, I'm looking for a flat share with a muslim brother?




W/s This is Saud Ali. I am


This is Saud Ali. I am also looking for an accomodation for sharing. Did you get any flat?

A/A Zafar,   I am also

A/A Zafar,


I am also looking for an accommodation. Do you have a place yet ? You can connect with me at 07440713441.



Mohammad Saud Ali

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ASW,   I am looking for a 2



I am looking for a 2 bedroom rent near Glasgow central mosque, Pl assit if anyone knows.


Salam Alaik,  Dear brothers,

Salam Alaik, 

Dear brothers, Insha Allah, I will be arriving in Glasgow, Scotland after Eid in July. I will be needing an afforadble 1BHK or a 2BHK flat near a masjid. this will be for the duration of a year. Can anyone please guyide me in the correct direction. 

Jazak Allah, 




Assalamalikum,   I am in



I am in Glasgow on a short project assignment & looking for a resonable priced sharing accommodation. Please reach me on

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