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my husband and my self we are new here in Glasgow we have a 3months old

baby Alhumdulillah and we are looking for making new friends In Sha Allah 

we want keep increasing our deen and have Friends is part of it obviously we are Islamic oriented Alhumdulillah 

i a white revert and my husband is Pakistani and we are finding difficult get into 

the community if someone is interested in make new friends let me know

My husband is also looking for a gym buddy 

JazakAllahu Khair Wa Ramatullah 


May Allah make it easy for

May Allah make it easy for you. i recommend start going masjid regualry hopefully you will meet more people there. glasgow central masjid has some events now again. Glasgow is a friendly city but like all things takes time to setlle in. the muslim community in glasgow is mostly pakistani but there are few reverts including male and female. Some mostly attend glasgow central masjid.I wish you ramdan kareem and pray Allah guides you allways on the right path. InshAllah


Assalam Alaykoum Sister, I

Assalam Alaykoum Sister,

I hope you and your family are well and blessed on this holy month of Ramadan, I came across your post when searching for Muslim community blogs and websites in Glasgow as we are moving me, my wife and our little one in mid August early September to live in Glasgow and we don't know anyone in there! So it will be great if we could know each other :) we also practice our deen as much as we can and looking to increase it constantly, I will be also looking for a gym buddy once there so it'll be perfect to have a brother to train with. 

I am not sure if we can leave contact details here or how it works but we are looking forward to reading you reply and let us know how we can contact each other.

PS: we live in London at the moment.

Jazak Allah kheir 

Asalam Alaykoum,


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Welcome sister Hanna to Islam

Welcome sister Hanna to Islam and Glasgow.

The best place to make friends in Ramadan is Central masjid (Glasgow Central Mosque (GCM), Gorbals, G5 9XB), where there is a big gathering of Muslims from all communities from Asr (afternoon prayer at 8 pm at the moment) till Fajr at few minutes past 3 AM, at the moment.

After Maghrib there is a big Iftaar (quick drinks and snacks after sunset), followed by dinner after Maghrib (sunset) prayer. The gathering continues till Isha (night) prayer and Tarawih (special Ramadan Prayer) followed by Sahoor (early morning meal before you stop eating, drinking, etc) and lastly the Fajr prayer.

Obviously, it is the best time to bring Muslims from all cultures and backgrounds together in the blessed month of Ramadan and best chance to make GOOD friends.

I can give you a brothers number who has been married to a white Scottish convert sister for a few years, but they live in Kilmarnock. There is a gathering of British converts taking place in Glasgow regularly, somewhere, you may find attending those useful too.

For further help you may contact Central Masjid on their web site:

or email me personally on:



I'm in the same boat and I'm

I'm in the same boat and I'm too scared to go to the central mosque because I dont know my way around!!

Salam aleikoum sister please

Salam aleikoum sister please phone me on 01413894499   inshAllah I am a revert too thanks.

Asalamualaykum my name is

Asalamualaykum my name is Khadijah and Inn Sha Allah I will be teaching a New Muslimah Class held at Al-Falaah Academy,Calder Street GovanHill... every Saturday 2-5. The class will include in depth study and group/individual written work and exams. The classes will be very relaxed and a social time will be in the middle of the session on a break. It will give sisters an Understanding of the Basics of Islam and will look into the daily struggles that a revert of any age faces and how to overcome them as well as Da'awah Training and comparative studies. I will meet with anyone who wishes to join prior to the start just to get an Understanding of where you are at and in what way the classes will benefit you. it will Inn Shaa Allah run for a year or so and at the end certificates will be awarded. These can be used as a means to make Hajj Inn Sha Allah. If any sister wishes to join please contact me at anytime. (Dont Be Shy

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