Participants Needed! : The Effect of Mainstream Media on Muslims

As-salaamu Alaykum!

I hope that you're all well, In Shaa Allah.

I am recruiting participants to take part in my Psychology undergraduate dissertation study regarding the effect of mainstream media on Muslims, particularly Muslim males (as I have more females already in comparison).

In this study, participants will be asked to read a random news article (e.g. about the weather) and then complete a questionnaire online indicating their feelings and behaviour which will take a maximum of 15 minutes

To be eligible to take part in this study, participants must be Muslim and over the age of 16 and from the UK (or have stayed in the UK for approximately 5 years).

If you would like to take part or would like more information regarding the study, please reply or contact me at:

JazakAllahu Khairun,


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