way Islam (way become muslim)

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In the name of Allah

Why become Muslims?

The premise is pretty simple.

The purpose of our creation of humans beings to reach perfection.

God has a plan for us humans, it has been gradually achieved.(Reach to perfection)

It means that in consecutive religions, The God has set more complete programs for the development and upliftment of humanitygradually.

Take an example, simply say;

When first “Windows 95” was released and welcomed all who use it.

But after a while, gradually Windows 98 and then XP and ... Was released, because it was fuller than the previous version, rationally anyone used the newer version and the previous was obsolete inchmeal.

The newer systems are not violated previous systems but make them more complete and if the final version reach to us at first we cannot understand significance and integrity and it was possible we don’t accept it due to the complexity and difficulty of it.

This process continues until the system is to achieve the full and final version.

Religions so people have come to us by the prophets. And no one would deny the prophets of old religions were invited but new regulations.


The Quran says: Surely the religion with Allah is Islam, and anyone (at this time), otherwise it would not take him for granted.

"So to think, because thinking leads people to the truth, if you do not argue."


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