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as:salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarikatahu, my name is aiden (though i am am usually called khadijah.. i dont live in glasgow but visit regularly. i was wondering where there is any place to buy islamic clothing or salwar kameez etc.. i am a revert and still finding my feet. i live on anglesey in north wales.. we have no such shops near where i live

my wish

my wish is to marry new muslim,im egyption muslim born as muslim and grow up in muslim country and my wish is to marry a girl converted to islam from non-muslim country,to learn her how to be good muslim and in the same time i want her to help me to dont go away from the right path and to be good muslim always

Interpretation of my dream

Last night just before I got up for Sehar i dreamt that i saw my wife in a hospital bed with her right leg amputated( cut around middle of her thigh and bandaged)


Please someone tell me what it means. ifsomeone can e mail me that would be highly appreciated. e mail:


Dr. Zahid


Salaam Brothers and Sisters,


I received an email this morning about an Iraqi brother needing somewhere to stay.

The link is here:


Insha'allah if you can help or make a donation please contact Positive action today.

jazak Allah khair,

Umm Qasim

Help a Br & Sis Returning From Madina!

 Help a Br & Sis Returning From Madina!

Assalam O Alaykum,
I am emailing yourselves with the hope you maybe able to help a brother and sister whoa are returning form Medina for 2 weeks. They are needing somewhere to stay from the 13th to 28th in Glasgow. Does anyone know of anyone or anywhere they can advise.
The couple are very pious people and would look after anywhere they stayed as their own.

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