Glasgow Muslim Marriage Event

Glasgow Muslim Marriage Event, Saturday 18th April, 5-8pm

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,


Date: Saturday, 18th April 2009

Time: 5pm - 8pm [4.30pm registration]

Venue: Couper Institute, 86 Clarkston Road, Glasgow G44 3DA


An opportunity for Muslim brothers and sisters to find suitable spouses in
an halal environment. People of all statuses and ages are invited to
participate. Mahrams are encouraged to attend and assist where possible.The
profiles of brothers and sisters will be displayed for viewing and meetings
are to be arranged at the venue. No attendance means no display of
profiles. Only serious people are welcome to participate. Buffet meal will
be available. Registration starts from 4.30pm and latecomers will be
penalised. An attempt will be made to ensure that there is a balanced
gender ratio. Spaces will therefore be limited and admission will be on a
first come first served basis. Prior registration is compulsory so please
book online at our website:

Profits from the event will go towards charity.

Please forward to those who want to get married!

For more information please contact:
Tel: 07504 336 911 / 07956 983 609


Muslim Marriage Events

Muslim Marriage Events, by Nur Networks

Nur Networks hold events in all major cities including Glasgow

How do we book to go to this

How do we book to go to this Event?

on the website it says

on the website it says "Bookings to be taken January 2011" so check it in January then the link to book should be activated.

This was suppose to be

This was suppose to be scheduled for October then cancelled. Then planned for December but now in January. Let see if it happens in Glasgow and equal balance of males:females and not the usual situaton in Glasgow of about 60 girls to 10 guys.

Zawaj Events

Muslim Marriage Events are held by Zawaj Events. UK's fastest growing Muslim Marriage Event.

Coming Soon To Glasgow, late summer. Join our facebook page for updates for regular updates.

marriage events



I would just like to know when the next marriage event is in Glasgow, stirling or edinburgh?


Thank you.

Glasgow Marriage event



I was just reading through the messages and know how you feel about how hard itis to find a partner you can trust. Currently going through the process myself.


If it is any help there is an event on the 25th of June 2011 in the Glasgow Hilton run by Personal Match to help intoduce partners, it is advertised on facebook just type "Personal Match Event" in to the search box.


Hope it will help.



Good to hear that there is a

Good to hear that there is a Marriage Event being held in Glasgow. I hope there is a good turnout.

Wait and see. It will be the

Wait and see. It will be the usual. 1 male to every 12+ females. Hope I am wrong Inshallah.

All the single people who

All the single people who have been commenting on this website should try and attend the marriage event , this may inshallah give a better male and female ratio. I hope anyway. Its a method of trying to meet a marriage partner, there seems to be lots of events being held down south but none is Scotland. There was suppose to be an event being held in beginning of May but was cancelled due to the lack of interest. I hope the event on the 25th June will be successful.

Events are mostly cancelled

Events are mostly cancelled in Scotland eg Nur networks in particular. There will always be a high number of females that attend than males, that's why such things in Scotland do not work. Hopefully this time it will be different otherwise everyone is wasting their time especially those who organise it.

If this is to the case, something has to be looked into why men do not attend, as this is the major factor yet their mothers are all for saying to others they are looking for their sons too, so why do they not attend??

Glasgow marriage event 25th June 2011

REF Glasgow Wedding Event -

I read earlier that sometimes these events get cancelled, so I contacted the people running this event.

I was assured that it will not be canelled and the lady running it was very posative and helpful.

Result I am going with hope and dressed to kill.

My advice is  go  and give it a chance, you never know.

Good luck to all !


where and when do you buy a

where and when do you buy a ticket. What if you do not have a mehrem to go with you as they are old and not fit to go with you and have no other person to go with on their behalf? Miss out opportunity as not everyone has someone to ask them or mehrem to go with so then what do you do ie no extended family and no network.

Glasgow Marriage Event



Does anyone know where we can buy tickets for this event?

Ticket Info for Glasgow Marriage Event

Ticket Info for Glasgow Marriage Event -

You can call Naseem on 07921994580 or email her via the web site

Best to phone so she can answer any questions

Good luck


Private business to make profits

Now I understand !!!!thanks god
IF you don't mind so i would like to say to true/reality things...

What a point to waist time and moeny. I had one bad experience before... I really made mistake to attend drama in hotel...
Old M/W interested to get married 2nd or 3rd time...same old boring again and again with new stories...
Act like victem.tell so many lies about ex marrige experience/stories...

But nice fun/entertainment for boys/girls..

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Birmingham Muslim Marriage Event

Asalaamu Alaikum,

This event is an open event which is geared towards professional muslims in the UK and we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet like minded individuals on a face-to-face basis.

What you can expect from the event:
* Meet up to 80 single Muslims (50:50 male to female ratio)
* Face-to-face introductions
* 3-course buffet lunch
* One to one sessions
* Imam on hand to answer any marriage related questions
* Salah facilities available
* A safe, halal environment
* Comfortable private venue
* Post event match making service

Please visit the website: for more information or to book a ticket. Alternatively you can call Alisha on her mobile: 07737309349

Please forward to all muslim brother/sisters who maybe interested in marriage.

Places are limited and tickets are selling fast so please book early to avoid disappointment

Events Organiser
Mob: 07737309349

P.S. I pray you find success soon. Don't forget to keep us updated on your progress

Upcoming Muslim Marriage Events 2017

Salam Brother & Sisters

Upcoming Muslim Marriage Events 2017


Muslim Marriage Events Manchester

Sunday 29th January 2017

Royal Nawaabs, 1008 Stockport Road. Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3WN


Muslim Marriage Events London

Sunday 19th February 2017

Royal Nawaabs, Hoover Building 7, Western Avenue, Perivale, London, UB6 8DB


Muslim Marriage Events Birmingham

Sunday 12th March 2017

Tipu Sultan, 43 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8AA

For more info please visit or call Alisha on 07738638325

Muslim Marriage Events Glasgow

Upcoming Muslim Marriage Event in Glasgow


Sunday 26th November 2017

Open Event - Open to all Muslims, Single, Divorced and Widowed

Venue: Village Curry House, 129 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ

For more info please call Mo on 07738638325 or visit

Muslim Marriage Events Glasgow

Muslim Marriage Events Glasgow

We are holding the next muslim marriage event on Sunday 26th November 2017 at 129 Nelson Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G5 8DZ.

Open Event (Open to all Muslims)

An event to provide a platform for people seeking partners in marriage is now taking place. It is open to everyone, and all candidates will have an opportunity to interact with other individuals. Advisors will also be available to support and assist individuals who feel shy or unable to initiate discussions with others.

We will also adhere to women's wishes to reside in a segregated environment.

Please keep in mind these events are conducted in a professional and formal manner.

To ensure an equal ratio, space availability will be determined by a first come-first serve basis.

If you believe you would benefit by this arrangement and would like to book your place in our event, please contact one of our advisors. Details are attached herewith.

Please play your part, and forward this message to all Muslim brothers and sisters seeking a partner in marriage.

A 3 course buffet meal and soft drinks will be provided on the day.

Please Note
*There will be no refunds, regardless of whether you found someone compatible or not.
*If you cannot attend on the day once tickets have been purchased, no refunds will be given.
*Tickets cannot be forwarded to future events.
*Once tickets have been issued, they are not allowed to be transferred to friends or family