Mosque Campaign for East Renfrewshire


I have initiated this forum to mobilise our campaign for a Mosque in East Renfrewshire, having recently suffered yet again another refusal from Planning in ERC.

The latest refusal was announced on the 15/08/07. Where do we go from here?

The next meeting of the

The next meeting of the Minority Ethnic Communities Forum in East
Renfrewshire is on the 27th of August, from 7.00 to 9.00 pm in
Thorntree Hall, Main Street, Thornliebank. Please come along. there
will be an opportuntiy to hear about the plans to build a Mosque in
East Renfrewshire.

Asslamualaikum, Is there


Is there anything latest happening for a mosque in this area?

Salam A building has been


A building has been accquired and is currently being renovated. There will be quranic classes for children, permission to read maghrib and isha salat only has been granted. It is a start and for those that know discussions have been taking place for 20 years or so without any success.

I will provide further info to the moderator to post once renovation work is nearing completion.

I saw this in the Scotland's

I saw this in the Scotland's Oracle newspaper. It's Woodfarm Educational Trust. It's also called WET, so i expect them to serve soggy toast with beans on their opening day:

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