More Eid Shame

Eid On The Drive was a huge effort to mitigate the problems encountered during last year's Eid "celebrations". We've just been contacted by a volunteer, whose team gave up their time on a weekend - and was providing valuable equipment for the enjoyment of Muslims as well as others, and they've been slapped in the face by certain elements within the Muslim community.

Who are these "youth" elements? When i were a lad (sic), you'd never cause trouble - a) because it's Islamically wrong, b) incase someone told your mum - which would inevitably earn you a clip round the ear. Maybe Muslim events should be policed by mums with chappals! That'll learn 'em!

I've removed the volunteer organisation name unless I hear otherwise from them:


Hello all. VOLUNTEER contacted the organsers in advance and offered to
take part in the eid on the drive parade in pollokshields. We did it for
free in the spirit of community integration and fun. We had to withdraw
from the site and the event due to damage and fear for personal safety.
The following is based on a letter to the organisers.

Here is an account of our experience at EID on the drive. It is not one
we wish to repeat!

VOLUNTEER turned up to EID on the drive in good faith and attempted
delivery to the parade start at Nan Mackay Hall. Some local kids from
govanhill helped us to move along to Albert drive. I notice they
scarpered as soon as we got to the tramway. Obviously they have had a
previous unpleasant experience and there is a territorial? boundary at the

Within minutes we received a good skooshing of silly string. fair

Then for some reason it became nasty and sinister. Our flag pole was
broken and an attempt was made to steal it, spray cans were thrown
viciously at me and propellant was sprayed in our faces. My staff and I
began to fear for our personal safety while on site. Kids aged from 8 to
18 were punching and kicking and pulling at our clothes. We were
threatened and sworn at. Apparently there was one arrest! I can only
compare the atmosphere to an orange walk! Your young "festival goers"
caused £400 pounds worth of damage to equipment and a great deal of
stress to me and my staff. I have only once before felt in fear of my
life in glasgow. This was the second time.

We then took the decision to withdraw from the parade for our personal

NO security staff intervened, There was minimal intervention by the
police. This is a completely unacceptable way to run a festival.
Community Leaders, Councillors, and police really must get their house in
order on this one. This must never happen again.
VOLUNTEER will not be returning to the EID on the drive. I feel very
reluctant now to offer goodwill services to local groups. Basically a few
people have spoiled the fun for everyone and I have been left with a VERY
negative view of the asian community. They MUST find a better way to let
off steam after Ramadan.

I run a small local business, "community integration" is our thing. I
tried to support a local event This is a major blow to running of my
small company and I am appalled and shocked at my treatment. If I were a
councillor right now, based on my experience, I would just have banned it!

PS I have just witnessed an attack by 2 pakistani guys on another asian
bloke in Govanhill park. The police have been called but noone has turned
up yet. He is OK but shaken. In discussion with another asian bystander
who called the police, he said "I reckon they will ban this next year"

PPS 20 minutes later, Victim and witnesses have given up on justice and
gone home.

WHAT is going on tonight?

Feel free to contact me to discuss. VOLUNTEER expects to see some action
and would be willing to recount our experience at schools, mosques etc.
I am away to think how we could tackle some of these problems.

Thanks for listening. I hope your day was better than mine.

I think some of the community

I think some of the community is a shame to the rest of us. Like to pose in cars, show off  in tinted windows,racing up and down try and impress the girls, and can be any girl married or not, Muslim or not it doesn't matter at all times of the day etc and they sem to be getting younger.


We have bad role models for a start this being one of them:


Unfortunately admit it or not but most young guys look up to these heros and think if I be like them I can get girls etc and some start gym worshipping not just to keep fit but to have a "buff" body. 

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