The essential pre-marital course for Muslims

Hi All, 

Does anyone know when this particular course will be starting up again? i know it happens this time every year, 

but I havent heard anythiing on it yet. So I was wondering if anyone knew..?


Thank you. 

Unfortunately, many, if not

Unfortunately, many, if not most organisations ignore the non-Facebookers. The details are:

Sun, 31 March, 10-5pm at Al-Meezan, Rowan Rd, Pollokshields

How to find a partner
Asking the right questions before marriage
Avoiding early mistakes
The issue of compatibility
Forced, arranged and love marriages
The period of engagement
The marriage contract
Understanding the opposite sex (taught separately for males and females)
Getting it right on the first night

£20/person. Taught by Shaykh Amer Jamil for anyone 16+, not married, whether engaged or not. Divorcees welcome. Register via and confirm your marital status.

Can some Imam or sheikh

Can some Imam or sheikh address to the youth the growing incidents of students going to univerisity, whether leaving home or staying with parents that there is now an increase especially by young men wanting to marry non Muslims as "They are of the book" when in university.  This has been hijacked by excuses to carry out such relations.

Do they see this as Islamic and justifiable?

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