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I am an average muslim working in UK and doing daily stuff as most of you. For past few months I have been doing some analysis on Glasgow Muslims involvement in supporting our young kids and also local community work and Dawah and I have found that we are really lacking behind in all. We do not have any programs running for non-muslims to be involved in intellectual discussion about Islam or involved in any community work like giving some time in old age centers or organising a fair where we showcase what Islam is and invite our non-muslims brothers and sisters to mingle with us, talk to us and understand that we are part of the society and we care for our community.

The whole idea I have is to make our youngsters be involved in this task, which could be funded by donation.

Things I would like to see us be involved in:-

1. Organise nursery/school trip to local mosques for kids to learn about fellow muslims, what Islam is and also answer their questions in a sensitive manner by using simple English.

2. We need more fun filled activites for our muslim kids to learn and explore Islam. Just by sending them to learn Quran is not enough. We need to show that Islam is a way of life and to do that we will have to allow them to ask questions (whatever they may be), involve in Islamic community work and development programs so that they feel proud and feel that Islam is the best thing they have.

3. We also need to be part of media and for that I would suggest starting our own young muslim radio wherein we discuss issues related to being a young muslim, bring in learned Islamic scholars to get their views and also invite other members of faith to a constructive dialogue. 

I am aware it is a daunting task but I know if we do not start taking a step forward in this direction we may have to suffer as a community in future. 

So I would really appreciate if anyone of you who thinks I am not insane :) and would like to help me out in planning these steps then please do get in touch. Insha Allah we will be able to achieve good results.

I am a working as an Application Developer in Glasgow and would be able to spend time in evening or weekends till we are able to support financially some of our younger brothers/sisters to administer the day to day dealings.

I hope to receive some response from our young (I am 30 :)) muslims to move forward.

Jazak Allah

Athar Ahmad


Muslims in Glasgow are

Muslims in Glasgow are lacking in all fields compared to their English counterparts.

Is 35 too old?

Is 35 too old?

No, it is not. It is kader.

No, it is not. It is kader. Just keep trying inshallah!/pages/Muslim-Matrimonial-Services/315245128514886


Please like my page and I encourage all Scottish Muslims to contact me to help them find suitable partners Insh'allah Razwana 07428 632 819

Salam Razwana Just wondering

Salam Razwana

Just wondering if you have an email contact. I just wanted to know more about the service. I've already had a very poor experience with a Glasgow-based Muslim Matchmaker and want to know how you are different.

No offence intended but I'm sick of people taking your money and not delivering. All I have been left with is a dented confidence and complete lack of trust.

Inshallah it works out

Inshallah it works out compared to the others that have happened. One thing is there will always be more females registered than males. If women are going out to be educated, work and have to do the housework and it is British based, then lets cut out the culture and expect the males to be doing their fair of load too if they want a British wife.

Salam Razwana Just

Salam Razwana Just wondering


My response -

sorry I hadn't replied to your post I don't always visit this site.


my email addres is  07428 632819


I am very sorry to hear you have had a bad experience. I am not surprised upon hearing this I have had 5 new clients this week sign over due to other agencies messing them about, taking their money and not delivering.


This is unacceptable to raise a persons hopes and then deceiving them deliberately. Most agencies are not telling their candidates they have more girls registered to the ratio of boys.  I will always be open and honest about my current clientele without disclosing any confidential information.

I will keep regular contact with you and never take advantage of your trust. I don't make false promises to find you a particular number of matches a month I can only forward who I have registered upon your preferences.

I will not come to your house and give you a military interview - I have a very simple registration fee and one fixed fee upon any rishta becoming fixed God Willing.  I will with my clientele's permission pass eachother there details and allow them to get to know each other and not guarantee a person's character or what the future holds.  I will always see keep your families in the loop and be yourself.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

Please do like my facebook page - NO PERSONAL DETAIL or photo will get published anywhere on the web,

W.Salaam Razwana


Could you please tell us how

Could you please tell us how much you charge?

As someone who has recently

As someone who has recently spoken to Razwana and signed upto her services I would thoroughly encourage you to make contact with her phone.



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Aoa   Please contact me on



Please contact me on 07428 632 819.



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Aw thanks for the

Aw thanks for the recommendation :-)


Jzk Razwana

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Asalaamu 'alaikum,   That is

Asalaamu 'alaikum,


That is a very good point, building the knowledge of the youth may be one of the most greatest things we can do for Glasgow Muslims as they are the next Generation!


A radio station is a great idea yet may cause problems to the public as we can understand is possible, we can create an oppertunity for the youth and the youngers of today.


I am very open to these ideas so if I can be of some benefit please contact me,


Warmest Salams


JazakAllah khayr


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