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Assalamu Alaikum,

My name is Lisa, I'm 20 years old and I have recently converted to Islam. Now of course I am very happy with my decision but I do have asmall problem. I don't know many other Muslim women to meet with and a lot of people have turned away from me because for some reason they think it would change things seen as I don't drink anymore and don't eat haram food. So now I am trying to find other Muslim women who enjoy things like shopping, eating out, going to the cinema, well everything that young women usually enjoy. Does anybody know where I could turn to or even want to contact me themselves? That would really be great.

Thanks a lot,


Salaam Lisa, You can attend

Salaam Lisa,

You can attend the Friday Prayers at SUMSA at Martha Street in Glasgow City Centre. You will meet a lot of young muslim women there who come for friday prayers and can make friends with them. May Allah give you a strong Iman (Faith). Thanks.

Walaikom assalam,   Yes,

Walaikom assalam,


Yes, SUMSA is a very good option for you to meet good Muslim girls.

Let me suggest something else... The best way to learn more about Islam and raise your faith is to marry a pious Muslim man. He will teach you and guide you inshalla. Besides, he will provide you the support you need, as I feel you're not having enough support since you've made your decision to revert to Islam. Anyways, if you feel it is too early to think about marriage then try to find some pious sisters to spend time with. Shall marriage is something you may consider, then I may recommend you a brother who is single, Hafez (memorise Qura'n), well-educated and he is fluent in Arabic. He works at the Uni of Glasgow as a scientific researcher. I can tell him about you if you wish. Feel free to write to me at anayman @ live . com if interested.

May Allah guide us all to the best


Salam alaikom sister

Salaam Lisa Here is an Eid

Salaam Lisa

Here is an Eid dinner on Friday 9th of November from 8pm to 10pm at 48 Green Hill Road, Rutherglen Glasgow

there will be alot of Muslim Sisters attending this Eid Dinner, you may can please come and join.

for more details you can contact at: 0141 4161 786 or 0740 599 4483

Assala,u alaikum Lisa There

Assala,u alaikum Lisa

There is a group in Glasgow for New Muslims and 'returning Muslims' called New to Islam. Sister Sasha looks after the ladies in the group and she would be delighted to speak to you. Their website is and their Facebook page is at

The ladies have a very good rapport with each other and it is a great example of sisterhood. Please do give them a shout :-)

Assalamualaikum Sister,  just

Assalamualaikum Sister,

 just read your message and people have already suggested it to you but the New Muslims group is an excellent place to go.

There are many Muslim Sisters in Glasgow, May ALLAH guide you to the correct ones who will show you the best examples of our beautiful religion.

Also, there are plenty of hopefuls running after hands' in marriage. If i could offer you some advice, keep your head down and learn your new religion, your still young and have plenty of time to make a decision like that...especially not to some hopeful guy whos pretending to be someone else while sitting on his computer...

Stay Strong and may ALLAH help you


asalama 3alaykum

asalama 3alaykum ukhti


i am good listener and good friend. if you need someone to listen to you when your in hardship from your families or everyone you know. i am here to listen and shoulder to cry on. everything will be alright, INSHALLAH. ALLAH swt choose you to his path. May allah make things easy for you in future..

My name is fatima and my number is 07453735815.

asalam alaykum what a

asalam alaykum what a surprise my name is also lisa mohammed i converted to islam recently but ihave no friends i dont know where to meet other muslim women ican talk to who are sincere an teach me am a mother of 2 and am married but my husband is a muslim an am 28years an am in nairobi kenya ineed help

Hi , I am a support worker

Hi , I am a support worker looking for some Muslim Women groups in the East end of Glasgow.

I would appreciate any information to pass onto my client as she is islolated and lives alone



The community in the East end

The community in the East end is very low with exception of asylum seekers in general and a few families in Ballieston and Denniston having a bit. Royston may have something but I have never heard as that's where most now live last I heard.

You are better contacting AMINA resource centre which is an organisation run for Muslim women . They do a befriending service which is maybe something you can also think about with your client.

If not ,maybe can start one up by asking the local library and maybe advert a poster for a local group. Check facebook if anything and if there's a community hall ask if any clubs are run, ask them all activies that are run each day, including weekends. Hop all goes well.


Nework House

311 Calder st

G42 7NQ

0141 585 8026



Hi Meg, sorry I dont know if

Hi Meg,

sorry I dont know if there are any Muslim Womens groups in the east end. But if your client is willing to join an english class or similar group, you could try the YWCA in Charing Cross. They run english and other classes with creche facilities, and there are women there from  a good mix of ethnic and religious backgrounds. Similarly there is also an organisation (I think its called Maryhill Integration Network) where many women form ethinc and muslim backgrounds go to meet or learn english, which is based in Community education centre in Avenue Park Street in Maryhill. Both these places are easily accesiible by bus from city centre or even east end.

There is also a really good mothers and toddlers group in Maryhill Road, St georges cross, based in Findlays church. This group runs on a tues morning 9.30am and is very mixed group., and very welcoming and supportive.

If your client is looking for something based around religion, then she is best to contact Andalus which run a variety of classes. The glasgow central mosque community centre who do classes and groups for women. And also Al Meezan, who run lots of Islamic classes for women and children, aswell as mum n baby group.

I hope you find something suitable soon

asalam alaykum lisa i have

asalam alaykum lisa

i have converted to Islam recently and i am looking on the internet for women Muslim groups

and have drawn a blank! I am in London and i know there are groups but i dont know where

to look. If you or anyone reading this could guide me thank you. email:

Rosie  based  based in Glasgow will help you.Insha Allah.

    Asalam Alikom  i am



Asalam Alikom 

i am living glasgow not long, have no extended family here so i am little isolated, am interested in meeting new people,

i am a convert to islam just over 5 years, so would be nice to meet other sisters,

Allah Hafiz ....  Fiza


where and time

where and time

Hi I move to glasgow recently


I move to glasgow recently and  i dont have any muslim friends would be nice to meet new people and  make muslim friends here.Pls help.Feeling a bit isolated cos the culture here is very diff from what I am used to.

Jazakh Allah KHairan

Allah Haafiz




Asalamu Alaikum Arsh   May i

Asalamu Alaikum Arsh


May i ask if you are male or female and your age? Rreason being my husband has recently moved to Glasgow from London and i want him to make new friends here and settle. Would be good for him to integrate and meet new people jzk


1 bedroom apt for rent in 

1 bedroom apt for rent in  GLASCOW. 500pounds per month utilities me at  for pictures and more details.Mention glascow when you are sending a private message.

Salaam Fiza  Firstly

Salaam Fiza 

Firstly welcome 

You are most welcome to visit me as I'm living in Glasgow for over 50yrs, I will be more than happy to get to know you

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