Privation Tution in Maths, English and Science

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Assalaamu Alaikum,

I am a female medical student at Glasgow University. I can offer tuition from ages 5-16 in the following subjects:

-Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

Classes start from only £11 an hour depending on level and I am available, evenings and weekends.

Please message me if you require a tutor for your child.

Jazak Allah

Jazak, Salam - can you text

Jazak, Salam - can you text me your number please? I'm on 07854 887719. Thank you.

salam   I know someone who is



I know someone who is interested; how can they contact you ?



Please see new Facebook

Please see new Facebook Page:

  salam alikom  how come your


salam alikom 

how come your price is too high, while you not a qualified teacher?

as you are still student at Uni ask for a fair price per hour , like minimum wage for examble as a start.


Wasalaam,  I hope this


I hope this message reaches you in the greatest of health and imaan. My prices are the lowest I have seen, even from tutoring companies that employ students like myself. I may have considered lowering the price if I was unsuccessful in finding students who wished to be tutored, but everyone so far has found the price fair. InShaAllah I also provide deals for students who pay for multiple sessions at one go or if there is group tuition. I could not possibly start at minimum wage, because unlike other minimum wage jobs I have done in the past, there is a lot of out of hours preparation involved. 

I hope that this answers your questions.

JazakAllah :-)

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