Participants Needed! : The Effect of Mainstream Media on Muslims

As-salaamu Alaykum!

I hope that you're all well, In Shaa Allah.

I am recruiting participants to take part in my Psychology undergraduate dissertation study regarding the effect of mainstream media on Muslims, particularly Muslim males (as I have more females already in comparison).

In this study, participants will be asked to read a random news article (e.g. about the weather) and then complete a questionnaire online indicating their feelings and behaviour which will take a maximum of 15 minutes

SILC Vision - Enrolments now open

****Pioneering UK Project Launches In Scotland****

SILC Vision - Leading The Way For A New Generation

SILC Vision is a great new initiative to help and support our parents obtain the best for their children through SILC's unique educational programmes to raise their academic standards to a whole new level.

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Al-Qalam Primary School Annual Day 2013

Assalam walaykum

Al-Qalam Primary School -ANNUAL DAY 2013

Sunday 23rd June 2013, 3pm-6pm at Hilton Ballroom, 1 William Street, G38HT


Quran recitation, Nasheeds, Arabic and Scottish Poems and two plays

·         Fireman salman

·         Last Ministers Questions in Jolyrood (Al-Qalam’s Pupils Parliament)

With talks by honorable guests


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Privation Tution in Maths, English and Science


Assalaamu Alaikum,

I am a female medical student at Glasgow University. I can offer tuition from ages 5-16 in the following subjects:

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Andalus - Forthcoming Activities

Salam watch out for our forthcoming activities, find out more information or book now before places go,

1 week intensive beginners Arabic language course, 26 - 30 Dec 2011
Kids Intensive Learning Qur'an course - Christmas Holidays.
Judo for ages 7 - 11, boys & girls, Sat. 12.30pm - 1.30pm, starting January 2012.

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