Just taken my shahada.

Hi, Just created my account here. I have just become muslim a few days ago and i am looking for any advice

that would be helful to me to grow in my faith.

Kind regards


Fortnightly 40-Hadith Course at WEC - taught by Shaykh Abdulaziz Ahmed

"Fortnightly 40-Hadith Course at WEC" - taught by Shaykh Abdulaziz Ahmed, starting Mon, 6 Feb (and every two weeks thereafter), after Ishaa, 8PM, at the Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC), Giffnock, Glasgow G46 7HF - www.woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk

Imam Nawawi's Forty Hadith are widely regarded as the most popular anthology and the best introduction to the study of the Prophet's Sayings in the English language.

Scottish Muslim Parent's Association

The purpose of Scottish Muslim Parent's Association (SMPA) is to provide a better understanding to parents of the policies of the Scottish Governments education department.  Some of the achievements to date are

  • Assisted parent's in addressing their concerns to schools
  • Local Catholic school issues related to religious observance
  • Represented the community at Scottish national level
  • Laised with authorities on Muslim children's needs
  • Responded to Parental Involvment and other consultations
  • Organised workshops

Muslim/Islam clubs or groups

Does anyone know of any Muslim or Islamic groups or clubs that my 8 year old daughter could join?

As an only child she gets very lonely and bored.

She goes to Brownies where they play and do arts and crafts.

I would like her to join a Muslim club or group where she can make friends, learn about Islam, socialise, do activities etc..

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