Participants Needed! : The Effect of Mainstream Media on Muslims

As-salaamu Alaykum!

I hope that you're all well, In Shaa Allah.

I am recruiting participants to take part in my Psychology undergraduate dissertation study regarding the effect of mainstream media on Muslims, particularly Muslim males (as I have more females already in comparison).

In this study, participants will be asked to read a random news article (e.g. about the weather) and then complete a questionnaire online indicating their feelings and behaviour which will take a maximum of 15 minutes

Flatshare in west/south west Glasgow


I am morrocan girl, i am currently studying in France, but I will do an internship of 2 months from the end of March 2017 in sha Allah, so I am looking for a flat-share with muslim girl(s) in Glasgow or a muslim family who can rent me a bedroom in sha Allah. 


If you can help me or know someone who can help me contact me please.


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Muslim Marriage Events Manchester

We are holding the next single muslims marriage events on Sunday 23rd August 2015 at Nawaabs, Manchester.

Nader Khan's Album Tour Water

Opening night of Canadian Munshid Nader Khan's Album Tour: Water.  This album tour sees  Nader Khan release his critically acclaimed second album. Nader brings together diverse musical genres of Jazz, Blues and Hard Rock with Arabic, Indian, Turkish and East African Music - all of which are represented through a range of percussion instruments.

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way Islam (way become muslim)


In the name of Allah

Why become Muslims?

The premise is pretty simple.

The purpose of our creation of humans beings to reach perfection.

God has a plan for us humans, it has been gradually achieved.(Reach to perfection)

It means that in consecutive religions, The God has set more complete programs for the development and upliftment of humanitygradually.

Take an example, simply say;

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