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Ramadan timetable for Glasgow upto 2022 with ref to Frances one till 2016

This timetable has been organised by Haji Ghulam Ali under instructions of Mufti Taqqi Usmani,.

It contains times of Twilight, Sunrise, Sunset, Fajr, Sehoor, Iftaar, etc.

It is a real help towards organising Ramadan timetables in future, in Glasgow area.

May Allah give them Jaza-e-kheir for their hard work.

Flat available!

Asalamalaykum all!

I have a flat available to rent! It's a three bedroom flat very close to the City centre which means it's close to all the universities! Great transport links to all over

all over Glasgow! Can have three people living in it so you can co share with a friend or we can provide a flat mate who will also be a student and preferably Muslum.

Rent is 600 pounds pcm for the whole flat, so if there are three people staying it will only be 200 pounds each per month.

For more information please contact me on-

JazakAllah :)

Meeting other Muslim women

Assalamu Alaikum,

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New Muslims in Glasgow

Asslaamu Alaikum,

Islam awareness week is coming up in a few weeks and every year at Glasgow University we hold a new to Islam forum, where a 3 or 4 new reverts to Islam come and talk to an audience of mixed muslim and non-muslim students about their journey to Islam and their experiences in life. It is a great opportunity to show a realistic view of new muslims that people can relate to or learn from. So I was wondering if any new Muslims would be happy to come to Glasgow University one evening to share their story.

Please reply if you are interested in helping.

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Creative Kids Art Classes.

This is an opportunity for kids, boys and girls, age 8 - 11 years to unleash their creative skills under expert guidance.

Feel free to send your art loving kids and give yourself a quiet afternoon with feet up.

Time: 2.15 pm

Where: Andalus

Why: Peace for parents.

Cost: £30 for 10 weeks.

 This is an opportunity for kids to do some creative work.

 Please contact for further details.

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