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Child Education

Dar al-Falaah School for Arabic Language (age 4 to 15)

Adult Education


Glasgow University

The following courses start in early October:

Arabic Stage 1

Beginners course concentrating on modern standard Arabic for daily use. Introductions, greetings, farewells, thanks/apologies and moving on to questions and answers on many topics (nationality, occupations, travel, using phones, shopping etc). The basic elements of reading and writing Arabic will be introduced.

Mustapha Akoub DPSI LLM
8CF7 £214.00
19.30-21.30 Thursdays from 06 October 2011
(20 meetings) University Campus

Arabic Stage 2

For students who can read Arabic script and wish to develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course concentrates more on the structure of modern standard Arabic than Stage 1 but there is still plenty of opportunity to practise conversation.

Ayad Al-Azzawi PhD
8CG7 £214.00  19.30-21.30 Mondays from 03 October 2011
(20 meetings) University Campus

Arabic Stage 3

Ayad Al-Azzawi PhD
8CH7 £214.00  19.30-21.30 Tuesdays from 04 October 2011
(20 meetings) University Campus

Request a brochure: 0141 330 1829

General enquiries: 0141 330 1835

To enrol: 0141 330 1860/1853 (Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm)

Special Languages helpline - 13.00 - 14.00 Thursdays 0141 330 1817/1854

Email: dace-query@educ.gla.ac.uk

Web: www.glasgow.ac.uk/ace

All language courses qualify for ILA200 funding through ILA Scotland, if you earn £22,000 or less. Please note that you must have set up your ILA account and have your learner funds available before you can enrol on a course and before the course start date. For more detail contact ILA Scotland direct on freephone 0808 100 1090 or  visit:  www.ilascotland.org.uk.


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