Eid events 2009

Assalamo Aleykum

Does anybody know of any Eid events coming up that I could attend with my 8 year old child?

Jazak Allah Khairun

wsalam, theres eid on the

wsalam, theres eid on the drive organised for 21st sept in albert drive.many fun activities for kids are sorted.

Andalus are having their

Andalus are having their annual Eid party aimed at families. It is inshallah on Sat 3rd October from 12-4pm at the Andalus Building, 211 New City Road, near St George’s X, Glasgow, G4 9PA

Tickets cost £1 for Adults and 50p for Children

For further info contact:
Email: info@andalus.co.uk
Mob: 07866384392

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