Muslim/Islam clubs or groups

Does anyone know of any Muslim or Islamic groups or clubs that my 8 year old daughter could join?

As an only child she gets very lonely and bored.

She goes to Brownies where they play and do arts and crafts.

I would like her to join a Muslim club or group where she can make friends, learn about Islam, socialise, do activities etc..

It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to know if there are any male and also female social events/sport activities that happen for the adult population to network and socialise. Even Islamic learning on a regular basis would be nice, do any of you know of any such things in the city?

Assalamu-Alaikum, for ladies


for ladies there are alot of classes on various aspects of Islam at Al-Meezan, Rowan St, south-side of Glasgow.

I believe Masjid Al-furqan does various things for men (west-end)

And for both men&women (i think) there is also Andalus, which is again in the west-end

Hope this helps




Starts Friday 30 September 2011

Hillhead Primary School


Shawlands Academy


Woodfarm Education Centre


Ages 7-18 years

Contact Amnah 07895366183 for more information

Salam, Depends what kind of


Depends what kind of thing youre looking for. 

I attend a ladies class on (Nithsdale Road, pollokshields) most friday evenings where I learn about tafseer, islam and correct my quran.  The main thing i like about it is that its not too rushed, some days can be quiet and i get the chance to ask the sisters any questions I have, which ive not been able to do in some other classes.  If you want a more personal and one on one class, this is something you'd like.  

I feel comfortable as I don't feel intimitated or pressuried into coming every week, coz some firdays i can be busy and not attend and the sisters have nevered pestered me about  "punctuality" - alhamdulillah they understand that friday can get busy and so forth.... 

It's not just classes for ladies, but they also hold classes for children 5-17yrs. My 2 daughters (10 and 14) are quite reluctant to go places and I was quite shocked that they really enjoy these classes and what they learn.  But i suppose when you're in that environment and being taught by someone a little older than yourself, you can relate to it more. 

I would suggest that you try this out and see how it goes.... 

the classes take place on fridays 7:30-9pm at 159 Nithsdale Road (next to the Madrasa Taleemul Islam) in Pollokshields.  sorry i dnt have a number..

Is there any social clubs

Is there any social clubs gearded for Muslim women where Muslim women can meet other women for socialising? As I have no extended family, do not live in the community, I feel isolated.

Alot of people have alot of relatives and family friends etc where they meet up or go to their inlaws etc or live in amoung the community.

When you do not have such netowrk, not in a married wives club, mother toddler group etc, when you are on your own, where are you suppose to meet people for friendship?

This is a serious problem. Not everyone has someone they can talk to, meet up and spend company with. If there are such facilities, where are they?

If there are old peoples group, which they meet up for general chit chat, company, socialising, then surely there should be something catered for other groups also on similar bases, or nobody thought of it yet?

For social classes... try

For social classes...

try Amina- The Muslim Womens Resource Centre

They have a few things on like leisure classes and a friendship group

Call on 0141 585 8026

I phoned Amina and the

I phoned Amina and the befriending group is only during the day on a Wednesday afternoon. As I work I cannot attend. This then still asks me, where are faciilities for Muslim working women to meet other Muslim women for networking and socialising?

I get the feeling there is none, yet the city, being the largest community in Scotland, we don't have one!


I am sure you must have

I am sure you must have friends?

Why not try meeting friends of friends and swapping numbers with others that you come across.

Try getting re-acquainted with old school, college, uni friends.

Try going out for a meal in a group every once in a while so this way you have something to look forward to.

There are Islamic groups that meet up in the evenings but it sounds as if you are just looking to meet up with pals.

No I do not have any friends,

No I do not have any friends, that is why I have asked here for info. All the people I have known in my time have married  and no longer keep in touch via school, uni etc. When I attended education, there were not many Muslims around.

As I do not drink etc, the non Muslim friends I had become less distant as I do not take part in those social gathering that conflict with my life style.

I will try islamic groups to learn more of Islam, but I am mainly looking at networking as every human has a desire for wanting social company. Some people just take things for granted and don't realise other peoples difficulties.


I came across a new group

I came across a new group called Alliance - Minority Ethnic Empowerment Network in Glasgow. They promote respect between different cultures and religions and they got volunteers from different backgrounds helping out.

Mobile: 07403491660  Email:

Integration not segregation!

who set up this group? do

who set up this group?

do they have a website?

what are their aims?

Salaam Maybe you could try


Maybe you could try AlMeezan and get to know the many sisters there.



Sister, if you start attending an Islamic class anywhere, even iSyllabus ( then inshaAllah you will make Muslim friends some of whom may be in the same boat as you (working similar timings, wanting to socialise similar timings, etc) and then you could work from there.


Be positive and you will see the many opportunities inshaAllah :)


Anonymous 2 :)

Salam, I was looking for the


I was looking for the exact same thing as you, as I have recently converted to Islam and would just like to meet more muslim people but there does not seem to be much around. At least nothing that's very well known. I have just started going to Believing Women in the South Side of Glasgow to learn more about Islam but I would say it's more like classes than a social group. Still if you would just like to meet another Muslim to maybe go and have a coffee and a chat with at times I'd be happy for you to get in touch? :)


Salam Lisa, I tried asking

Salam Lisa,

I tried asking this last year of social groups to meeting new people from the post above. However, I was unsuccessful and noone got back to me on this very site. The problem I noticed is they will say go to islamic classes and meet women in the mosque etc. In those situations, you are learning and not knowing the person socially as outwith the class, they have their own lives and are busy and will if you are lucky meet up. That has been my experience.  The reason I think this, is they have their own large network and family so it's not a priority for them.

I have now moved out of Scotland and mashallah I have found a few handful of Muslim sisters who are ready to meet up on a social level, something Glasgow didn't offer me and Alhamdullilah, there are people out there who are friendly and welcoming.

It also depends what age you are believe it or not. If you are in your 20's make the most of trying to network with a wide variety of people due to being larger in number and most likely to be single and less tied down with certain commitments, whatever way possible like talks, events and especially other reverts. There used to be a place called Muslim house in the west end but I don't know if they are still there.

Unfortunately, there are cliques. Inshallah you find some friends, maybe try some networking via facebook or SUMSA, GUMSA etc. 


Salaam, I have been reading


I have been reading all the posts about social groups, I am also looking for women's social groups, I think all the women interested should contact each other and we could form our own social group:) If anyone agrees please contact me.


Assalamualaikum sister

Assalamualaikum sister Lisa


I was just looking online on how to meet a muslim woman as i dont have any muslims friends either, I converted to Islam a while ago and i've just been learning on my own and my husband has been teaching me too, it'll be nice to meet another muslim sister.  this is my email address if you are still looking to meet or chat



Any other Musimas looking for

Any other Musimas looking for help with Islam,Social meet ups etc. im here drop me a line

x Asalamualaykum x Im free most of the time x

Lets meet up sisters x

Lets meet up sisters x

Salaam, My husband and I just


My husband and I just converted to Islam, and moved from London to resettle in Glasgow. We're eager to meet up with another muslim family for coffee at our house or for lunch meal if possible.



One thing is not enough

One thing is not enough people show interest. An idea forms, yet when it comes to things, poor turn out regardless of what it is unless it's some event run by some big wig or sponsered event where lots of people will turn up.  Before, people were interested in meeting up and a date, time venue was organised and had some interest. When the day arrived, I was the only one there and it was extremely upsetting and disappointing.

If those who want to meet, suggest first how many there are interested and then decide when and where you decide to meet up saving those who genuinely go there and noones time is wasted. Also, people will meet and click with those who they share a common interest with. If you like to club, drink or think it's acceptable then you will find that those who don't are more likely not looking for contacts of this nature. Be prepared to meet all kinds of people and be respectable but do not expect to meet those with the same values or Islamic way of life than yourself.

Maybe an event posted via facebook to get more people aware and a place where it's safe to meet up first like after salah / at the masjid to avoid any strange people turning up.

You can post umpteen things on here but from what I have realised, not much happens. The reason is not many people are strong enough to take lead and not confident especially doing things for themselves and others, lack of awareness and most importantly don't bother.

How about those interested, meet at Glasgow central masjid some time soon, after zuhur, those who want to pray can and those who don't still can meet at the masjid after salah. That will get things started instead of,  me I want to meet, yeh me too etc.

Since I have moved away, the town where I live has a few womens group all done via facebook. Not all are religious, not all are Muslim but the group is about Muslim women meeting with other women. They run a few things like small talks about health, wellbeing, knitting, reading, discussion circles, recepies anything women want to discuss.It is just ordinary women trying to network and think of what to bring in the next meeting to discuss.

Make up a group on facebook, get an interest and inshallah see how it goes from there. Maybe call it Glasgow Muslim women, Glasgow  Muslimah , Muslims in Glasgow, Scottish Muslim womens group to name a few.

It does work as I have seen here, so set up a group via facebook and inshallah you will have more people taking an interest instead of through this site.

Goodluck. Wasalam

Asalaamu 'alaikum(Peace be

Asalaamu 'alaikum(Peace be upon you)


That's a very beautiful thing to hear! I'm so very happy to now call you my sister in Islam! I always thought that was a beautiful experience when becoming Muslim. You believe there is only One God and Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the messenger and once you take it into action you instantly have 1.6 billion brothers and sisters! 


I also recently moved from London, and of course if you need anything at all, I'm only 15 years of age however Insha'Allah(God willing) I will do everything I can by Allah to be of some benefit to you.


Warmest Salams



You can contact me at

Walaykum Salam, Alhamdullilah

Walaykum Salam,

Alhamdullilah for you both and May Allah bless you in all your affairs and make it easy for you (Ameen)

Myself and my husband are both here and are open to meeting other Muslims..I myself aswell help in Da'wah and Learning the basics of

Islam..If InshaaAllah You needed help sister or would like to meet up InnshaaAllah x Message back or drop me an email

Your Welcome anytime


Salam Sisters I have been in

Salam Sisters

I have been in Glasgow for some time and looking for social groups to make friends and not just classes as they usually turn out to be, and once class is over every one continues with their own tasks and thus not much opportunity to socialise. I would be interested in forming a group where we can meet up, atleast start something and see how it goes on. I have a daughter as well so m really looking for families to socialise with do that my daughter can also find friends. If anyone is interested msg me on Facebook and then we can take it from there, you can look up for aaliya Sadfee to find me. 


Salaam Aliya, I am also in

Salaam Aliya,

I am also in search of good friends in Glasgow. Would be happy to contact you and take things further.

I cannot find you on Facebook. If you want you can look up for me instead. My name is Nida Usman.

Hope to hear from you.

Best Regards.

Salam everyone,   I made a

Salam everyone,


I made a new group on Facebook called Glasgow Muslimah. Insha'Allah you can all join and we can get in touch with each other to arrange meeting up, making new friends etc. Looking forward to it.



Some people have had problems

Some people have had problems finding the group on facebook so if you want to join;

this is the link to the group directly

Warmest Salam to all of you!




hi i just saw your post from

hi i just saw your post from dec sister khadija, would like to meet up with other muslim sisters too ..

please let me know when can you meet up I am based in westend .




Hi i am also looking for new


i am also looking for new muslim friends 

do u have any other contact option other than fb

hi, realy glad to see ur msg

realy glad to see ur msg I was already luking for friends jus been here in late dec what is ur fb id?
my name is shehnila

hi, m also new in glassgow hv

hi, m also new in glassgow hv two kids luking for good pakistani families to meet up :)

hi, m from khi just new here

hi, m from khi just new here luking for pakistani families to socialise, thx

dear aliya and nida plz add

dear aliya and nida plz add me by name of shehnila naveed on fb m also luking for friends here

Salaam sisters, I'm also new

Salaam sisters, I'm also new to glasgow, based in west end. Have been here just over a week and would be lovely to meet up with some sisters. 

I'd love to join the group but I'm not on Facebook. Any other ways to connect?

Walaikum asalaam sister,you

Walaikum asalaam sister,you could send me your email in inbox and we could get to know each other....:)

Asalaamu alaikum again.  Not

Asalaamu alaikum again. 

Not sure how to email you. My email address is!

Assalam Aalikum to every one

Assalam Aalikum to every one from pakistan

I'm new to Glasgow and have no friends, i'm very friendly and want to make new friends with good memories, how i will make new muslim friends in glasgow.

Kindly let me know , my email address is

Thank you

stareventsteam's picture

Salam Sisters,   We are

Salam Sisters,


We are holding the next single muslims marriage event on Sunday 21st September 2014 at Nawaabs in Manchester.

The event is acting as an intermediary for people who are seeking marriage partners. The setting is very much open to all individuals to speak with each other. However, we will have advisors that will support individuals who feel shy or need an intermediary between their discussions. Inshallah we will also be supporting women who feel they need to be in a segregated environment.

The age group that has currently shown a high interest in coming to the event has been between 26-46.

Please bear in mind these events are going to be conducted in a professional manner.

An attempt to ensure that there is an equal ratio of the sexes, hence spaces are limited to first come basis. Should you feel you need to speak to someone and arrange for bookings please contact one of our advisors, details are as below. Please forward to all Muslim brothers & sisters who are looking for marriage.

3 course Buffet Meal and drinks Included For further details and bookings please contact: Alisha on 07737309349 or visit

Asalam Alaikum!  I am a newly

Asalam Alaikum! 

I am a newly reverted sister from Canada & just moved here to Scotland. 

I was curious if there was any social / learning groups for Muslim sisters. I would love to  meet some Muslim sisters since I am new to Scotland & leanr more about Islam. 


Salaam sister, MashaAllah

Salaam sister, MashaAllah it's wonderful to welcome you to Islam :) Where abouts in Scotland have you moved? Manh mosques often have days where they hold informative workshops etc you should check out the website for your local mosque regularly. Eid Mubarak ♥ would love to hear back from you

Asalam Alaikum! Thank you

Asalam Alaikum!

Thank you very much for replying to my comment ! :)

I am living in the Glasgow area.  

Thanks for the advice xox 

Salaam, I am looking for

Salaam, I am looking for someone to teach my son the Quran and namaz, he has a mild learning disabilitie, if any one can help then please get in touch, 07456001658,

Asslam o AlaikumI am Hafiz

Asslam o Alaikum
I am Hafiz Ali and I teach kids online Quran, Namaz, Translation & Tafseer. If you are interested, please text me or call me at: 0744-587-4033 

As-salamalaikum, my name is

As-salamalaikum, my name is Aisha and i too am having difficulty finding friends that are muslim. where do you live? i live at george's cross, glasgow. maybe we can learn about islam together.

my email is

hello good afternoon sisters

hello good afternoon sisters its sister khadijah who posted from back in December 2012....I am now a trained Hijama Practitioner and I am offering Hijama(cupping) to all you sisters...even if you all want to arrange a full day group session in my home or somewhere convenient I am happy to.

even so cheaper than anyone else....

I am still hoping to meet other sisters please find me on Facebook and add :

Natasha Khadijah Hijama Practitioner

Salamu aleykum, I'm

Salamu aleykum, I'm interested in having hijama,I tryed to find you on Facebook but couldn't find you can you please give me your contact number jazakallahu khayr.your sister Naima.

Asalamualaykum Sister You can

Asalamualaykum Sister You can give me a text on 07415976599 x Hope to hear from you soon x Allah hafiz


  Anyone still out there? I


Anyone still out there? I moved into Glasgow 6 months ago and would love to meet other Muslims. And I'm trying to improve me deen.thanks

Hello I'm a Muslim sister

Hello I'm a Muslim sister living in Glasgow

Assalamu alaykum wr wb

Assalamu alaykum wr wb sister


It must be diffult sister/brother? Moving to a new place and trying to establish connections,,however if you are able to travel the airdrie islamic centre in bell street, airdrie has a new Muslim class on every Tuesday, insha'Allah which offers chance to meet other Muslims new to Islam and also a learning class is held.

this is a place I myself took my shahaddah and it holds a in my heart, the people are all genuinely nice and here you will find Islam taught in its purest form which will show you the true beauty of your deen!

May Allah bless you:)

sister allison

Aslaam alikum   i recently

Aslaam alikum


i recently converted to Islam and married to Muslim man and have a young son on 6months


my in lawns and my self aren't really getting along do find it difficult asking for help in my Islamic studies or if what I'm doing to right and wrong. My mother in law once gave me a list on how to wash my hands and stuff but reading from paper and putting it in practice I'm not confident I'm doing these things in the right way. 



If anyone is willing to guide me on classes or websites that can help me learn myself from home this would be greatly appreciated 

Assalam Aalikum Every one My

Assalam Aalikum Every one

My Wife is Hafiz Quran Ma Shaa Allah, and she is coming to Glasgow very soon In Shaa Alah, so my question is where she should practice and revise her Quran ? can she join the Central Mosque Glasgow on her Arrival? because in Pakistan She dont have enough time for revision so Im afraid she might forget if she dont give proper time for revision, any help will be much appreciated. 

Kindly you can send me email with details please on the following email address.


Man Thanks

Does everyone have access to

Does everyone have access to this if I put my email?

Assalamualikum, I recently


I recently reverted to Islam and I currently live just outside Glasgow. My problem  is finding shops which sell good quality modest clothing. Could anyone tell me of any shops in Glasgow which sell the sort of clothing that I am looking for? Really I am just looking for plain abayas and loose dresses and some nice maxi scarves. 

Thanks for any help you can give.

Assalamualeikum sister I also

Assalamualeikum sister I also revert I from Glasgow area if u want I can teach you how to perform wudu prayer etc

Ws brother  The only place I

Ws brother 

The only place I know in Glasgow is Al-meezan they do Islamic studies and Quran classes

I am a revert sister and

I am a revert sister and feeling very lonely,I have been to class but I need a muslim friend for social outings as I don't want\like to be out alone(( I live near Glasgow))

I could forward you details

I could forward you details of someone from Al Mezan. She is also a revert. 07853222423. 

Hi Shehnila, I am from Khi

Hi Shehnila,

I am from Khi too and would love to meet up with you. Let me know if you are happy to meet up 



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