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Ummah Links

Ummah Links holds Muslim networking events for single Muslims looking for a marriage partner. All events observe Islamic etiquette. Register for our forthcoming event titled ‘The Muslim Contribution to Medicine’ at Edinburgh's Royal College of Surgeons.

Free Hajj package for Native British Husband and wife

Free Hajj package for Native British Husband and wife

[Please respond to the original author of the email - below]

Dear All

Assalamo alaikom wr wb

Saudi Arabian Channel 2 (English channel) is offering a Free Hajj package for Native British Husband and wife.

So if you know any Native British couple please let me know by maximum Sunday 18 November 2007.

Jazakom Allah khair.

November Marriage Introduction Event

A free marriage introduction event will take place in Glasgow Central Mosque's smaller community hall on Sunday, 25th November at 3:30 sharp. The mothers of brothers/sisters who wish to marry are invited to attend. The turnout is usually very good, so this is a good chance to find someone.

Posted on behalf of match4muslims.

How can you Deny!


Check this out ..very good mashallah!!

How can you Deny.....

Joker Meets Joker

Baba Ali (Ummah Films) was in Glasgow recently, and of all the Muslims in Glasgow that he could have met, he meets Brother Nadeem! I suppose he won't be coming back any time soon. Fast forward 6 minutes to see the Glasgow bit.

Did I mention that Brother Nadeem is still single? You better be quick if you want to marry someone famous!

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