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Description of Jannah & Jahannum in the Light of Surah Al-Waqiah

As we embark on the Last 10 days of Ramadhan our prayers focus on salvation from the Hellfire. But what are we asking for ?

Surah Waqiah contains very graphic descriptions of the Hell fire as well as beautiful descriptions of Jannah.

In this programme we will be exploring these vivid descriptions of the afterlife; in an effort to make our prayers at the end of Ramadhan more meaningful Insh'Allah.

There will also be collective Dhikr just before Maghrib

Redemption: Da'wah Film in Glasgow

'Redemption' is a character-driven da'wah film that explores friendship, sanity, faith and how they clash during one's search for identity.

Being shot in HD, Redemption is a film that aspires for a unique visual style and high production values. Making use of the director's CG background to its advantage, and a deep story-line with strong characters, redemption is ultimately an art film, with due emphasis on art and aesthetics. Visit the website at:

Mosque Campaign for East Renfrewshire


I have initiated this forum to mobilise our campaign for a Mosque in East Renfrewshire, having recently suffered yet again another refusal from Planning in ERC.

The latest refusal was announced on the 15/08/07. Where do we go from here?

Thank God It's Jumma

This video was discovered by our pals over at FaithTube and is worth watching for the Wudhu part alone - we've all been there!

Eid On The Drive

Eid On The Drive will be taking place on Saturday 13th October 2007. They are looking for volunteers (paid or unpaid) to do street work, help with the stalls, activities etc. Please advise them if you would be interested and in what capacity.

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