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Imam Suhaib Webb on Muslim Unity

A video of Imam Suhaib Webb talking about Muslim unity at the Peace and Unity conference in London.

Dress For Success

A sisters-only programme in English by Believing Women about the importance of modesty in today's society.

Hillhead High School
Oakfield Avenue
West End

Hot Snacks | Stalls | Free Literature |
Limited creche facilities

Registration required. Phone: 07780 70 77 29 |

Imam Nawawi Course


Talk on Preparation for Ramadhan by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed and Shaykh Jamal Ud Deen Hysaw (USA)

All welcome.

For more information, call: 07815176630.


Detailed Information:

Surah Yusuf Course


With Dr Hesham Al Awadi (see bio below).

Dr Hesham's new 10 set cd album will be released at the course.

Masjid Al-Furqan, 19 Carrington St, Glasgow.

All brothers and sisters welcome.

Dar-al-Arqam programme - training the next generation & | 07800 549 220


Detailed Information:

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