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PLUS Arabic Foundation Course

PLUS Arabic Foundation takes a student from the very beginning stages of learning the Arabic language through to a complete mastery of its foundation.


Assalamu aleikum! My name us Adina im romanian convert alhamdulillah. I moved to Glasgow one month ago and currently searching for a job, im actually alone here for the moment and I would appreciate some good suggestions or help as I want a job wich is halal. Im 31 years old and along the years I have gained experience in many domains. My email adress is   jazak allah 

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Muslim Marriage Events Manchester

We are holding the next single muslims marriage events on Sunday 23rd August 2015 at Nawaabs, Manchester.

Salaah facilities in central Glasgow

Assalamualaikum. Is there any Salaah facility in central Glasgow?

I will be working in Waterloo street so if there's somewhere within walking distance for zuhr it'll be great.


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Ramadan timetable for Glasgow upto 2022 with ref to Frances one till 2016

This timetable has been organised by Haji Ghulam Ali under instructions of Mufti Taqqi Usmani,.

It contains times of Twilight, Sunrise, Sunset, Fajr, Sehoor, Iftaar, etc.

It is a real help towards organising Ramadan timetables in future, in Glasgow area.

May Allah give them Jaza-e-kheir for their hard work.

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