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Nader Khan's Album Tour Water

Opening night of Canadian Munshid Nader Khan's Album Tour: Water.  This album tour sees  Nader Khan release his critically acclaimed second album. Nader brings together diverse musical genres of Jazz, Blues and Hard Rock with Arabic, Indian, Turkish and East African Music - all of which are represented through a range of percussion instruments.


Witness needed for nikah


I am in need of two male witnesses to witness my nikah. We are marrying in difficult circumstances therefore aren't able to include friends/family to witness our nikah and were hoping we will be able to find someone who could help a fellow muslim out. We are willing to offer money and reimburse any expenses occured.
JazakaAllah any replies and adivce would be very appreciated if you could contact me on:

Islamic/ Muslim childcare

Aslamualaikum sisters,


i am looking for a good child care centre for my 2 and a half year old daughter.

does anyone Know of any.


thank you 



1 bed flat for rent


i am looking for a private flat to rent in glasgow preferably first floor or with lift any floor asap 

Amina MWRC Employability Programme January 2015


Amina MWRC wil be running another Employability Programme in January 2015 for 3 weeks from 10am-12pm  fron the Amina MWRC office (near Shawlands shopping arcade). If you are interested in attending, give us a call on 0141 212 8420 or email The classes will be once a week. 

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