Quran and Arabic


Assalamu alaikom brothers and

Assalamu alaikom brothers and sisters, 


We are going to be running new Arabic for speakers of other languages classess in Glasgow's Townhead in September 2016 inshallah.

The course is fondation level, however if you wish to be considered for a higher level then please indicate that in your form. Also, we would be obliged if you could tell us when is a good time to run the course for you during any week. We are finalising our teaching plans currently.

For further details and to register your interest, kindly visit http://www.anfal-int.com/tuitions

Qualified and expereinced male and female teachers from the Levant region will guide you throug your journey of learning the briliant Arabic Language.

Our price structure were designed to suit everybody.


Please accept our bests regards 

Anfal International 



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