The Parents' Voice

The Parents’ Voice…..
Ever wanted to get more involved with the body that represents your concerns to policy makers but can’t make a huge commitment of time? The Scottish Parent Teacher Council would like a pool of parents who are willing to respond to a maximum of one email a month from us, on just one topic that interests them.  We need parents who are particularly interested in one of these areas:

·         curriculum

·         qualifications

·         local authority matters

·         child welfare

·         parental involvement

·         learning and teaching

We can’t ever speak for all parents – simply because parental views vary so widely – but we can voice parents’ concerns to policy makers and the media. If each school had just one person for each of these six topic areas, we would have a pool of almost 10,000 people – a pretty impressive figure, and a voice that is difficult to ignore.
Please help by e-mailing your interest and also by asking other parents at your school or that you know to get involved.  We want parents who are passionate! Phone or email with contact details, or go to the website for more information.  With enough interest, we will get this up and running during March and provide you with regular updates on the website and in Backchat our newsletter.

website: http://www.sptc. info/index. php


Scottish Parent Teacher Council
53 George Street

Tel: 0131 226 4378/1917
Company No SC151086; Charity No SC019168


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